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    This, children, is how we used to connect to the internet.

    this gif should be slowed down immensely for accuracy.

    I can hear the sound as I watch this and it makes me want to scream.


    my god yes

    When I was little, I tried to sneak on the internet and turned the sound off on my speakers. I thought that would make the modem sound stop, but. HSSSSS BEEEBBBB UURNNRNRRR URNRRRRRRUNRURR FHHHHHHHHHFFFSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH


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  3. Doing another eBay dump, more clutter April and I would like to get rid of. Largely books, but also some video games, DVDs and other miscellany (like a mini-donut maker). Buy stuff and get it out of our apartment! :) I could also use the money for my “I need a new Macbook ASAP” fund, so, have at it!

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    Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who claimed there was a link between autism and vaccines, changed the data of his research and falsified his documents to prove his theory. He was banned from practicing medicine and labeled an “elaborate fraud” in 2010. Source


    This man should be in jail. Put away forever. He is solely responsible for the anti-vaccine movement and as a result, we’re seeing the resurgence of diseases long held under control. 

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    what arguing with a conservative feels like. poor jon. 

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    I have spoken to a lot of people in the games industry who are frustrated about GamerGate but shaky on the prospect of speaking out themselves; they’re worried about receiving death threats, or drawing unwanted attention to their employer, or just overextending themselves getting involved in an…

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    DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT, Series 4, Episode 18: Free Play 7.0

    Panel: Brian Williams, Ron Goldie

    Recorded: 8/10/14

    Released: 10/9/14

    It’s just Ron and Brian as they give you the third and final Free Play episode of this season. They talk about Twitch’s acquisition, what’s going on in e-sports, and more. All music belongs to their respective games/developers/composers/studios/etc. No copyright infringement is intended.

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    Or going to work sick because taking a day off means rent doesn’t get paid.

    The absolute truth. Both of these statements

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    please signal boost this and spread actual facts about the virus

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